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Category - Blog

Archive Page Style

This option allows changing the blog archive/category pages layout. Divi Pixel offers 6 powerful custom layouts.
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Author Box

With Divi Pixel you can add an Author Box with a profile image, name, and bio below each post.
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Blog Post Navigation

Divi Pixel allows you to add navigation below each post so users can conveniently go to the next or previous article.
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Meta Text Icons

This option allows adding icons to Meta Text on Archive Pages. You can add author, date, category, and comments icons.
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Read More Button

With Divi Pixel you can easily add a Read More button to archive/category page posts.
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Related Articles

With Divi Pixel you can easily display a Related Articles section below posts.
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Remove Sidebar

Divi Pixel allows you to remove the sidebar border, or remove the sidebar completely on Archive Pages.
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