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Image Hotspot

The Image Hotspot module allows for easily creating an interactive image. You can select a background image, and place multiple hotspots on it, such that on hover, a tooltip box appears with additional details. You can use default items for the tooltip box, or Divi Library items. Default item features include image/icon, title, description, and button, and each of these elements is fully customizable.

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In the main Content tab you can add price list items as a child modules.

Hotspot Settings → Content → Hotspot

Each hotspot has separate settings. In the Hotspot tab, you can add the hotspot label and choose an icon or image.

Hotspot Settings → Content → Tooltip

In this section you can choose to display default tooltip elements or Divi Library items. If you select Default Content Type, you can add tooltip images or icons, titles, descriptions, and buttons.

Hotspot Settings → Settings

In this section you will find the following positioning and sizing settings:

Hotspot Position Vertical
Hotspot Position Horizontal
Tooltip Position – Left, Right, Top, Bottom
Tooltip Width
Tooltip Content Alignment
Use Tooltip Arrow

Hotspot Settings  Design →  Hotspot

In this tab you can customize the tooltip icon or image by making it circular, adding borders and shadows, changing the colors, and selecting the hotspot icon/image size.

Hotspot Settings  Design →  Hotspot Ripple Effect

To make hotspots even more interactive, we’ve added a Ripple Effect, which can be enabled or disabled. If enabled, you can control the pulsing effect color.

Hotspot Settings  Design →  Tooltip Image

This section allows you to customize the tooltip image. You can define the image size, add rounded corners, borders, and image shadows.

Hotspot Settings  Design →  Tooltip Box

In this tab, you can customize the tooltip box appearance and change the background color, add tooltip box padding, rounded corners, borders, and box shadows.

Hotspot Settings  Design →  Tooltip Text

In this tab you can customize the Tooltip text: title and description.

Hotspot Settings  Design →  Tooltip Button

By enabling this button in the tooltip, you can customize it in the Tooltip Button section, where all the default Divi button customization options are available.

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